a Brief History

Restaurant Sea Horse was establised in 1934. During the war the menu was really humble. Sometimes one could find specialities like homemade curdled milk served with ”talkkuna” , Finnish finely milled flour mixture. In 1959 Anna-Liisa Paukku took over the restaurant with her husbend. From this moment on the succes story of the restaurant began. She introduced two most important dishes to the menu. Both legentary still today, the crispy fried Baltic herrings and the beef steak a la Sea Horse.

During her ownership the reputation of the restaurant grew among artists. She took poor artist under her wings and let them eat on credit. She was strict but fair employer. Because of her the restaurant got known as a warm, homelike place. Every customer was treaded with the same friendly and warm service. The famous sea horses were born during her time. So many different legends was told of the appearence of the sea horses. But in 2010 the true story was revealed by pictures of two art students painting the sea horses dancing in the waves.

The current owners bought the restaurant in 1999. After the hard years they wanted to restore Sea Horse to it`s roots. A picture was found in the restaurant museum, which led the way to the renovation. Artist Kimmo Kaivanto was in charge of the redecoration. In 2003 business space next to the restaurant was added. Cabinet Musta Hevonen was born by the hand of Kimmo Kaivanto. In 2007 during a renovation in the building, one-room flat was added to the restaurant. This cabinet is called Peräkammari and on the walls one can find Kimmografia, sketches of the restaurants customers. It`s fair to say, that lot of different people has visited the restaurant. Some of the so famous, that they have left their mark in the history books. According to words of Jouni Lompolo, ”one can meet people from Nobelist to a regular customer in the restaurant.”